Who We Are

Our name is derived from our home base in Minnesota, just north of the 44th parallel. To us, our home signifies resilience and strength of character, a shared sense of community and a creative spirit -- all of which influence our work.

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We are
44 Degrees North Partners

What We Do

In today’s world, Communication Leadership is a strategic business imperative. Through our communications expertise and thoughtful partnership, we create unique and tangible value for your organization, helping you elevate performance and enhance reputation.

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The Challenge

A complex, rapidly changing landscape

Our Value

Communications expertise + Fortune 50 practitioners' perspective + genuine partnership

The Result

Elevated organizational performance 
& reputation

A Strategic Imperative for the Communication Age
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How We Think

We think beyond the assignment, considering every project through the broad lens of our experience and the current landscape. We think fast and smart, balancing proven solutions with fresh ideas. And most importantly, we believe inspiration can come from anywhere, and that every connection is a chance to learn something new.

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